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'H.R. PuffinStuff'


Those born late 1950's to 1960's may recall the midcap adventure of 1970's series 'H.R.PuffinStuff'. The famous television show with life size costumes and colourful comedy is the creation of Producer brothers, Sid and Marty Croft, who with their early puppeteering backgrounds pioneered a new kind of family entertainment through television in America.

Set on Living Island, 'everything' is alive with its own character.  Mayor 'PuffinStuff' a gregarious dragon and his 'Rescue Ranger Crew' have their hands full when shipwrecked 'Jimmy' a boy from the mainland appears with 'Freddie' his golden flute.

'Williemeana. W. Witchiepoo' - The islands comical evil Witch, that everyone loves to hate, has her heart set on becoming the owner of Freddie the flute, with his golden singing voice and diamond skin condition, she'll stop at nothing to make Freddie hers.

This comical programme features series upon series of 'Witchie Poo's' antic with each endearing moral of the story, based upon good versus evil.



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