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D.R.E.A.M.  Training Retreats 2 - day Seminars...

The D.R.E.A.M. training, 'retreat concept' and venue offers a tranquil opportunity to focus, absorb and learn

while nurturing ones soul with the hot spring and native bush environment.  It's a perfect location to escape to for this training focus, and be accompanied by the whanau if needed?

Aiming to make the training process as informative and instructional as it needs to be, this natural environment balances the 4 - 5 hours of daily intake.

Hanley Productions covers the costs of travel, accommodation and meals (unless a tutor has a special diet and would prefer to provide their own meals) as well as hot spring entry on the Monday as a communal soak to encourage team building, in the Nikau pools.  Tutors can also soak reclusively in private pools during their stay.

Should tutors like to travel with children / families, there is the capacity to include this in our planning?  Family costs would need to be covered by the tutor but accommodation would be minimal as the Tutors lodge is designed to sleep 11-14 people with an extended facility attached to the Lodge, this aspect is open to discussion and welcomed in our forward planning.

Tutors Morere Lodge, north of Mahia Peninsula.  Training Studio, over bridge...

Tutors Retreat

... across river, where the Morere Hot Springs, communal & or private mineral pools are located.

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