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Napier Summer

Programme Information

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December 2019

Dear Parents,

D.R.E.A.M. Hawke's Bay Summer Season

Dates: 6th - 10th January 2020

Venue: 1024 Duke Street, Hastings


'Sea scene nor' - Latin beach party!


'Sea Scene Nor' is a comical pantomime based around 'Flavio' - from 'soccer mad - Brazil' (played by William Atkin pictured above) But Flavio, he comes to stay at a beautiful Hawke's Bay camping ground, and he brings his 'family' - to relive his 2011, 2015 & 2019 'Rrrrrugby World Cup' memories with the locals!... He explores Napier taking in the legendry story of 'Pania of the Reef.'



Sydney based producer Megan Hanley is excited to present this summer programme alongside drama tutor William Atkin, Scotty Smith - sound and music and Karen Taiapa with her film works.  We welcome back Alexander Binns as D.R.E.A.M. scholarship winner and international scholarship winner 2017 as trainee assistant for this New Year programme.

Day 1 & 2: We get to know each other with a first dfay induction, become familiar with our venue and material we will be rehearsing.  Staff will coach workshops in drama and pantomime, with dance amalgamations, soundtracks & wearable art costumes.  There are daily warm-up exercises, storytelling with lots of fun to be had while learning creative art techniques.  We learn scripts and artistic direction in detail, while teachers take children through various parts applicable to your child's role.  We work together as a cast studying each other's parts for the film & multimedia acts of the show.

Day 3: ‘Mermaid & Merman’ pool excursion … Please sign the authority notice allowing your child to attend the Ocean Spa pool excursion Wednesday 8th followed by a location shoot with Pania.

Assuring a sun smart event, we ensemble our faculty staff of 4 so to supervise the children at all times, on an outing to the local Marine Parade Pools, as part of the location filming of our multi-media work being ‘Pania’.

We meet with the pools trained life guards, on hand for our visit.

Those 7 years and over, will have fun swimming with ‘Merfins, a water craze’ enjoyed by both girls and boys.

We assure the 6 – year old’s a fun time assisting them to supervised paddles in the shallows with our giant Toucan blow up birds!  (the little ones won’t miss out on the fun but as an obvious measured security, they are not permitted to swim in the big pool or wear the Merfins in the water.)

We enjoy our lunch as a picnic together, and then head back to the Duke Street arts centre. (NB: Parents are welcome to join us if they feel they’d like to.)

Days 4 & 5:  Our daily routine of ‘warm-up class’ and ‘Postman-Postman game’ to reveal our costumes, day four and five consists of character roles and rehearsing acts of the ‘sharing of work.’  Strong features are a medley of dance routines, drama techniques, pantomime and working with scripts as a film script.

We have a full-dress rehearsal during day four, and invite parents to a 4.00pm ‘sharing of work’ performance on our final day, 10th January at Lindisfarne, should our December funding be approved. NB: Yet to be confirmed… and if so both days 4 and 5 will be at Lindisfarne College.  If the funding is not approved, we continue as usual at Duke Street.

Parents Contract:

  • Registration Forms are important to bring us updated health information and any requirements allowing us to provide the best possible care for your child.  Please assure it is filled out and returned before the programme commencement date.

  • Drop off and Collection: You will be asked to sign a 'Sign in and Out' form each day and provide information of anyone you assign to collect your child on your behalf.

  • Code of conduct: We ask you to kindly take time before the holiday programme to explain to your child / ren the 'code of conduct' that would see them behave in a manner that allows them to learn yet have fun in our safe and exciting environment.

Prices & Concessions:

9.00am - 5.00pm: Per Child $275.00

2 siblings = $50 discounts

3 siblings = $75 discounts

Booking Deposits & Payments:

  • Cash / Chq on day are fine with a secured booking fee paid in advance.

  • For those set up for Internet Banking could you please electronically transfer your payment into the account details below.

  • ANZ Bank over the counter bank deposits are fine for those who'd prefer, please make sure they include the booking name in the transaction.

  • Cheques can be posted to Hanley Productions Ltd, 28 Henley Cres, Pirimai, Napier.

  • Any foreseen delays required please just call and let us know (Contact numbers below)...

Banking Details:

  • ANZ: Account Name: Hanley Productions Pty Ltd

  • BSB No: 06 0701

  • Account No: 0369580-00

Sharing of Work stage performances & Information:

We invite parents to 'a sharing of work' on our final day.  Please arrange to be there by 3.50pm.  This is really not to be missed, as children love to show you their progress.

What to Bring Each Day: Be sure to bring morning and afternoon tea, a drink and a lunch pack. No nuts please! Please advise your child / ren not to share foods as a safety measure toward allergies etc...


What to Wear: Comfortable clothes to move in, tank tops and leggings are good, a leotard or shorts help to put costumes over top.  Runners, dance shoes or bare feet are fine.  Please dress children in black, white or neutral colours for the 'sharing of work'.


Please don't let children bring their own toys or jewellery to the programmes - it only distracts them and there's a risk they can be lost.

Photography & Footage: We capture many magic moments during the workshops and 'sharing of work' performance as photographic memorabilia for you to have of the 'sharing of work performance'.

NB: Produced by Te Awa Productions, we do not make profits on this service, it is complimentary, and will be supplied to you as a link on the release of the following marketing campaign, please assure that on your registration form we have your e-mail address.

Scholarships: We offer scholarships to outstanding children who show promise, exhibit supportive behavior during the programmes as those who help create a healthy working environment during the workshops. Scholarships will be announced at the 'sharing of work' on the final day.





















This is going to be a wonderful event, should you have any further inquiries please don't hesitate to contact me through the website at phone / TXT me on Mob. (+61) 410 456 241 / Local contact Karen Barry Ph. (027)3321821.

Yours Sincerely,


   Megan Hanley


Megan Hanley (Director) 

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