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Megan Hanley started dancing in her 'mother's children's classes' at the age of three.  Going on to complete examinations in Classical Ballet R.A.D, Modern & Tap Dance in ISTD.  Megan studied for her dance majors at 'The Betty Laine Academy' in London, 1976.  Laine Studios are where dancers are Predominaantly primed in studies for Musical Theatre.  Megan studied Jazz, Funk and Contemporary styles in America at The Dupree Academy in Los Angeles in the early 1980's.


With a professional career in the Performing Arts and a lifestyle in comedy and satire, Megan moved to Sydney with NZ dance trio 'The Thunderbirds' in 1986.  The group worked in theatre and cabaret until 1993 with Megan becoming Artistic Director of Iconic Sydney Nightclub 'Jamison Street' 1987-89.


A performance and tutorial career that spans twenty years Megan has returned to NZ often to perform and guest tutor in teaching positions directing dance at the National Youth Drama School, the Eastern Institute of Technology - diploma course for Opera singers in Hawke's Bay and dance classes at St Margaret's College, Wellington.


Sydney 1988; Megan formed a production company, working as a producer has seen her write, direct and choreograph Internationally for stage, theatre, television, International Festivals and the corporate world.


Megan recalls as career highlights events such as performing in a support act with a 12-piece funk band for 'Grace Jones' in Sydney 1989.  Working in Japan on the 'Celebrate Australia Festival' 1994 and while in Japan writing a series of shows that became the 'Gala Opening of the Augural International, 'Christchurch Arts Festival' 1996.  'Shaft' the 70's Funk show - performed the 'New Years Eve' show in the Christchurch Square to 30,000 revellers in 1998.


Her Jazz Concert show, won the support act for the late 'Ray Charles' in Wellington, in 1998.  Her Children's theatre production toured NZ from 1997-1999.  The 'Shaft' show was the 1999 midnight hour show bringing in the 'New Millennium' for NZ's capital city Wellington, to an audience of 60,000.


In 2007, Megan was invited to Florida by the Super club 'Mansion', to produce an offsite marketing event at Miami Fashion Week sponsored by Miami Lamborghini for Sydney fashion swim wear label 'Hallican Boodie', after having produced the labels Australian Fashion Week events from 2004-2007 in Sydney.  Musician and songwriter 'Prince' owned the Miami venue 'Mansion' - Florida's largest super club, originally a theatre built in 1929 by Al Capone - at the time Megan staged her event.


Currently the director of 'Umbrella Studios' Megan is producing the creative movement and educational study 'Mum's & Bub's Classes' in Sydney.  Developing the program her dance teacher / choreographer mother Shirley Jarrett, designed in 1963,  Megan is introducing the concept to schools and community centres in Australia.


Megan Hanley

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