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The 4 annual D.R.E.A.M Holiday Programmes remain the same as a 'programme foundation' each season.  However, Hanley Production's invests in the provision of new material presenting a new season each year.  Producing new costumes and props, soundtracks and a newly written artistic direction to assure each year's season differs from the previous.


The additional, new items allow for a familiarity, alongside a 'staple group of chorus routines'.  Every progromme is altered to ensure children have a new learning experience.  There are different roles and parts to play each series to extend a child's ability, catering to their being a year older should they return having attended last year's series.


Staff will teach workshops in drama and pantomime techniques, with dance amalgamations to soundtracks with wearable art costumes.  There are daily warm-up exercises to funky soundtracks, story telling and lots of fun to be had while learning creative art techniques.


We work to understand character roles, learn scripts and artistic direction in detail, while teachers take children through various parts applicable to your child's role.  We work together as a cast studying each other's parts.


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