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themed Dress Up parties


Sydney, Australia Only



The amazing Guido the Gargoyle children's parties are held in the main hall of the Newport Community Center, 11 - 13 The Boulevard, Newport.  The ultra-cool party concept stars our very own 'party animal' - 'Guido the Gargoyle'.


Guido performs on a makeshift stage entertaining all before he and assistants teach the partygoers the 'Postman - Postman Game'...  The birthday boy or girl will play the roll of the 'Postman'.


Revealing what is behind the Postman's 'Parcel'.... they find fantastic, colorful costumes in themes chosen for the parties booking.  The kids then play dress up and have fun dancing to party soundtracks!


The entertainment and game playing section lasts for 45 minutes.  The venue features a full kitchen for catering.  The outdoor playground is available and there are bathroom facilities for children to wash up before the party foods and the cutting of the birthday cake.  Tables and seating are supplied.


The 2 hr party is concluded with a game of pass the parcel featuring a 'party pack gift box' for all children to take home.


We cater for 24 guests per group, up to 36 maximum per party.

Our prices are based on a flat rate of $440.00 (+GST) for 24 guests.  Additional guests included at a fee of $20.00 per child (+GST).




For more information or to talk with our staff, head to the Contact page


Creative movement, dance and pantomime.  Fun for boys and girls

Lots of roles for everyone with dress-up in wearable art costumes

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